Sunday, June 08, 2008

p.s. i love you

gosh how do you know i will love this movie.

i love to the two of them... they are just so gorgeous.

or was it him, the familiar bit and the singing unashamedly bit that makes me want to cry and laugh all at the same time.

or was it her so vulnerable, so helpless, the trying and the breaking and the combination of all that.

or was it the homely apartment and beautiful ireland scenery.

or was it those beautiful lines and romantic sweet deed.

or was it the soundtracks and pretty dresses.

or maybe it is just all that and more.

just this first 5 minutes introduction from the movie already made me teared. that's it... girls have a whole loads of things running through their mind, boys never understand them, both never meant what they say most of the time. fight-kiss-make-up. that's it, that is married life :)

you bet i do love this movie. i love every bit of it. definitely, maybe was good, but this is better. by far my best love movie.

finished grey's and this movie over the weekend. the last few days life had been feeling so right, something happened and i wasnt suppose to feel this way but i did. i think im making good progress :)


Anonymous said...

as sappy as this may sound, i loved this movie too ;)

your friend from Backyard Pub. hehe..

chaiyen said...

wahhh yes it is nice.