Friday, June 20, 2008

think. family

"mum, from now on we will only speak to you in english so that you can improve your english"
i can only remember the days when she sat us down and teach us our ABC and 123. they do not have the privilege and luxury to further their education like us. they were determine to make sure we get the education that is necessary and now we are so good that we feel embarrassed that our parents cannot communicate properly in english. shame on us.

"all my parents do is give us money, they do not know how to love us without money"
those were the days i dont even see my dad at home and it is not because he is working, he was just missing in action. but here he is giving his time to bring us for holiday and sumptuous dinner. buying car, hp, clothes, laptop and that is what we say. if we are that great, dont use a penny of theirs. if we want to talk about love and not money, prove to them all we want is love and not money. shame on us.

"why are you always comparing us to other kids, why must we get first in class? why dont u praise us for things we did well in. like other parents, they search for college for their kids and be there for them."
to hear even that lie is already funny. there we are comparing our parents with other parents and we are telling them not to compare us with other children. those were the days we want to do well to impress our parents and maybe just a self satisfaction that we can do well. but kids nowadays, they take it as if it is a they are doing their parents a favour to do well. reward from their parents doesnt sounds like an motivation, to them it is a pressure. seriously i dont know how to be parents too. shame on us.

seriously im very happy with my parents. no im not saying they are perfect, they are a lot of better ideal parents around. but im very proud of them. through the years, i had seen them become better parents, but it seems to me expectations of kids nowadays are growing in great measure. so forgive me if i get a little upset seeing kids lecturing how their parents to be parents. it is just disturbing. let them be them, give them a break if they just want to watch chinese series. for goodness sake dont force them to read newspaper.

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