Friday, June 27, 2008

mind game

i think it is weird but i actually like this feeling. the mind game

"i think he likes me", "nah maybe not, i think he likes the other girl", "but i think he likes me, if not why did he do that?", "actually, i think he likes my sister", "see, that is sign of interest", "maybe he doesnt know he is interested yet but those are signs of possibility", "maybe not, he is just treating me as a friend".

yah i like the weirdest thing in the world.

"My point is this... Whoever said what you don't know can't hurt you was a complete and total moron. Because for most people I know, not knowing is the WORST feeling in the world... As surgeons we have to be in the know, but as human beings sometimes it's better to stay in the dark. Because in the dark there may be fear, but there is also hope."
meredith grey, grey's

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