Saturday, June 28, 2008


i went for dinner with ps lee choo. one planned since last year. but i have no complain, who am i to even have her time. so this act itself makes me feel really, really special. we went for dinner at la bodega, bsc. as we reached there, she told me she needed to get some milk. i was a bit curious why cant she get it after dinner. she insisted to get it immediately, "i need to get it now, i will surely forget later." we quickly get the milk and find a table in the restaurant. she carefully placed the milk on the seat next to her. she continued, "i cant put it on the floor, i will forget."

overall it was a really good time, because we know so many ppl in common we kinda talk about many, many ppl including mine. time quickly passed by and we made our way back to church. she did asked me if i want to join her, ps gary rucci from adelaide was here. i had heard him speak before and i really like him but somehow i said "maybe not". maybe it was a little pride hoping she didnt arrange the dinner before this just to make me join her. she didnt insist which i was actually hoping she does to prove me right. but she left. disclaimer: it is not really me to do this, but i actually kinda like ps gary rucci. just that this season of my life, i wonder if what he says will be significant to me at all.

i drove away a little empty, it is friday. i left my options open to go for that so i didnt make any other plans. so i started calling ppl. first, my oth kaki denied me. friend after friend i called to watch the green thing with me but they all seem to already made movie plans. so i drove away. then, i saw the main character of this episode of mine, THE milk. gosh what is it doing here. so i make my u-turn right at the junction and called ps lee choo. she didnt answer her phone as i predicted. so there is no other way except to park my car and go up there. i smiled at the whole process because it seems so funny to me because this whole paragraph does not need to be written if i would had just gone up in the first place.

so i went up with my excuse - the milk - and i prayed "God if you insist i come you must have quite a message for me, let it be done." behold this man spoke about passion.

what makes you cry, hotel rwanda? blood diamond? what provokes you? what is it that annoy you? what makes you figure for solutions? what makes you keep awake at night? what ignites your energy? what is your passion? you see after being a christian for so long it no longer about a war of doing good or bad. but a war of the good and the best. we can do a few good things in life but that will only built church-nity. christianity is about passion. jesus is a very passionate man. and it no coincidence his last week is called the passion week."

after the message, i sober up and walked over to ps lee choo with her milk. "you purposely left this in my car right? *with a smile on my face* but im glad i came up". she couldnt stop laughing and mumble something in the line of she was thinking where she left her milk while she was giving the altar call. funny what goes through the mind of a pastor. but the main point is more than something planned by ps lee choo, i couldnt help thinking how this whole thing is orchestrated by God.

all these things come in aptly so that i can add it to my list of things to ponder about. 3 more days.

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