Friday, July 04, 2008

under the sea escapade

i love holidays, my favourites have to be cities and beaches. for the record i had not been to the few renown beaches in malaysia so the last 3 days i packed my bag and hit redang beach with my gf cum photographer, anna. i will leave the entry about above-the-sea when i get hold of those photos.

basically i cant wait to share about my marine park experience. this is the first time i ever go snorkeling. it is really funny, i found out i was actually afraid of fishes regardless of their sizes. to be honest i threw their bread away from me because i was kinda horrified by the whole school of fish rushing towards the bread. that took us a while but we quickly got bored since we dont see any other fishes except for that few species. then suddenly the two instructors came over to our rescue and took us for a reckless adventure. THIS, we remind ourselves are benefits of single ladies ;p

we went to the edge of the boundaries where the real big fishes were. they did quite a bit to impress us. they caught poor little fish and went underwater to lure giant grouper and giant moray eel out from corals for us to see. not only did they dive to the bottom of the sea to bring us shells, sea cucumbers and fishes to touch. they took the trouble to tell us the names of all the marine life we saw. i was never good with names but to their credit i remember a few - trigger fish (which will bite if disturbed, IMPORTANT enough to remember i supposed), cushion starfish (which looks really thick and big like a pumpkin) and christmas tree (how can i forget that, i touched it. picture below).

what we did was quite an experience in itself. we were suppose to take a deep breath; he pushed us under because we were with life jackets and not suppose to go down under; and we touched those colourful little christmas trees. there were so cute because it will shy away when our fingers touches them. i touched as many as long as i can held my breath. by then, i had gotten a bit more fearless. actually maybe not, these are not exactly fishes.

one guy even went down under to blow ring bubbles for us to see.

we were very entertained i had to say. i gave him a thumb up. anna must have mistaken she was in a circus when she asked him to do it again. surprisingly he did not refuse. mind you he doesnt have a scuba tank.

not to mention we went out of the boundaries line to stand on a shipwreck lying in about 8-10 metres of the water. the colourful coral encrusted structures have to be one of our highlights. i wouldnt had swim there on my own, just for one simple fact if he is not holding on to my arm the strong currents would had took this 42kg away.

it was really really fun, but we didnt go for the next session because we wanted to do other things plus they had almost showed us everything wahahahah... kidding. anyway, we really appreciate the special treatment.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the photos!

chaiyen said...

yes, yes i cant wait to blog about them too but might take a while. anna is a little busy next week.