Saturday, July 26, 2008

my gym past time

i meet a lot of ppl in a week but i definitely dont see the same guy as much in a week other than him (besides my family). i noticed him a while back. i mean besides the point everyone in gym looks sweaty and not that great, it is hard not to notice a man with such great stature and nice shirts strolling around. yes i eavesdrop and really like his confident voice when he projects his voice.

i do a lot of cycling in the gym. how my machine is positioned, it is surely not very difficult for both our eyes to meet. i cannot deny i made the first move. i took a good look at him, long enough to make an impression. from that day on, i never did make much effort but im sure he noticed me. every now and then he will steal a look to check if im staring. if i notice that from the corner of my eyes, i will make sure i look up to make his day. it is an extremely fun thing to do in between my exercise. for me my interest for him doesnt strain me because i dont exactly feel anything for him more than a crush. i wont get disappointed if he doesnt like me. neither do i think of him throughout the week since i barely know him. having said that he has my boyfriend type of look so i had observe him for a while but i didnt exactly like what i saw. im not bias when i say the girls have their hands all over him, only on him and not any other dude in that gym.

since then, i dont give him as much attention as i did. instead i had been trying to push myself on my workout by doing more kilometres. he had not stop intentionally buzzing a lot around me though. it is totally so out of the blue that day when he changed from his formal working attire to shorts and t-shirt. didnt had much time to think about it before he plopped into a sit next to me. i swear there is still another sit after that which he didnt take. i dare to look from him from afar but seriously i was quite shy when he sat next to me. i dont really dare to look up. my heart was beating so fast, i wasnt sure it was him or the cycling. he didnt manage to stay long coz some smart ass GIRL decide to come and max his level. i told u the girls never leave him alone. he struggled for a while then left.

is that progress or what? i got so ons that night i couldnt stop. after cycling i did sit ups and i think i hurt my back again. hehe... i think i will give my body a break for a week and let him miss me a little. if you know him, pls dont tell me he is taken. dont tell him i wrote this and spare me the shame. dont burst my bubbles im enjoying this little entertainment in my gym :)

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