Tuesday, July 08, 2008


0515 check in and breakfast at LCCT
0800 rereading Confessions by Augustine through the journey. arrive at kt new airport
0930 nap while my ferry cross over to redang island playing music from favourite playlist
1030 reading by the beach
1130 check in and short nap
1300 lunch
1400 sunbathing session with my book
1700 photo session
1900 dinner
2100 sleep

0645 morning devotion and journaling by the beach
0730 breakfast
0800 journaling - mid year review - by the beach
1030 snorkeling at marine park
1300 lunch
1400 sunbathing from my favourite playlist
1600 tea break
1630 sunbathing with my book
1730 reading and journaling alone at the rock (my secret, quiet place)
1900 dinner
2000 a bottle of 'long island' by the beach
2130 sleep

0615 catch the sunrise
0730 breakfast
0800 morning devotion and journaling by the beach
0900 check out and reading by the beach
1100 ferry out back to kt with my favourite playlist
1200 lunch in town
1400 writing cards at kt airport
1630 on the plane back home

i was supposed to go for this trip alone. as crazy as it may sounds like because i just needed the quiet time all by myself. anna decided to crash into my solitary space. in fact i need to thank her because i may take forever to make this trip happen if not for her. it turns up great because we both wanted to do just exactly the same thing - read, be quiet and sun bath. and the best bit of it, i have a new sets of pretty photos. more here.

why is this place so great for me?
1. we thought they photoshop the blue sky and sea when we saw the photos on the webpage. we were really impress when we see it with our own eyes.

2. the sun is hot enough to get you tanned but the cool windy beach makes you forget you are under the sun. extremely perfect for sunbathing. the 6 hours though got us burned because it gets too comfortable that we fail to keep ourselves awake.

3. somehow the voices from my heart seem so clear, my mind so refresh with thoughts and i wrote as much as my fingers can follow.

4. my secret place by the rock is such a great place to read. sitting on those big beautiful rocks with sound of waves hitting them under the big blue sky. this seriously remind me of how much i want a glass house by the beach.

5. we sleep not later than 10 every night. we wake amazingly early every morning. we feel extremely healthy. sitting at the pier, with my feet dipping into the sea watching the full glory of the sunrise. simply serene.

we need to thank God for the perfect weather, it was drizzling on our arrival and departure but sunny for the two full days when we needed it. in fact the sun was faithful enough to rise for me on the last day before it started getting cloudy. this is seriously good. we are already planning our next beach destination :)

all the photos on this page are taken by anna-rina. anna's photo was taken by me, touched up by her.


Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful! :) Wow... makes me wanna take a break too...

Anonymous said...

waaa, you damn semangat wei. so fast oledi post up the pics. hahahahaha!

next trip Pulau Rawa! ;p

chaiyen said...

ya shups must go. i cannot tell you how refresh i am since i came back.

anna, i would have fail you if i dont post up immediately. but you are more semangat. you had posted like so many sets of photos since u came back.

Anonymous said...

of course i semangat laaa :p i take pics for a living maaa. haahahahaha