Friday, May 23, 2008

my bucket list

inspired by the movie the bucket list (which i have yet to watch), a few of us were discussing about "what is the one thing we will do if we know we have 3 days left to live?"

some says sky diving, "i have fear of height so i guess it doesnt matter since im going to die anyway"
some says travel around the world, "i know i cant do it in 3 days, i will go as far as i can go"
some says sitting around ppl they love, "im going to built a tent outside my house and watch the moonlight with adele (his wife)"

as for me, i cannot decide. which is more morbid?

1. to have a wedding and get married because i believe the marriage vow will be one of the most beautiful thing i will ever say and hear. plus i dont think i am cruel to get married before i die since the vow is always till death do us apart :) i guess i just need to die believing i found someone i love that loves me. i dont need any certificate so he will have no string attach to him hahah...


2. to have a living funeral. it doesnt need to be sad, it can be a party. i mind as well gather everyone and praise God for one last time, meet all my friends and let them tell me what they think about my life then to have my funeral 3 days later when im no longer around. so if i know when im going to die. i am going to do just that. later i was reminded by one of my friend that this is what happen in the book tuesday with morrie. honestly, i cant remember this is in the book. now you wonder how much books you read influence things you do in life.


blurred esh said...

i like the 1st choice too!

but maybe the 2nd choice is more of a happy ending.. at least you get to hear what other's think of you while you're still alive.


just when i was reading on living as though its the last year of your life.. you mention 3 days instead.. hahaha

chaiyen said...

isnt the first more like a happy ending... u actually think a funeral is a happy ending hahaha silly girl.

interesting book u reading there.

blurred esh said...

hehehehe... happy ending for me cuz i get to know what they think abt me while i am still capable to listen.

morrie got into me.