Monday, May 19, 2008

to do list

i didnt believe either that i bought this but i really meant to start reading it soon

or at least pity the two of them that had been sitting there for a while and start watching


for the long weekend, i could had gone for my personal getaway.

neither have a finish my work for the weekend.

but instead the whole day i went from one party to another party. the first serve scotch-(muf)fin and the latter serve steamboat. both provided liquor with a loads of conversations and laughters. i had a blast. so i will save all those brilliant ideas on top for another day.


deJelly said...

scotchfin sounds fun :D

chaiyen said...

it is not what you think.... it is scotch bread and muffin, two in one. creation and invention of the birthday girl monica fung. really yummy :) it is an all girls party. so even if ur here u wont be invited hahahah....

deJelly said...

She bakes!?
Didn't know that.. hehe..
am i not one of the girls? T.T


chaiyen said...

no ur not. ur only girls best friend :)