Friday, May 02, 2008

woah woah or meow meow theology?

i know something was missing. i knew i wasnt quite a believer as i used to be. i was trying to pinpoint at church, ministry and my failure to pursue GOD. but i couldnt really put a finger to something. till we started the series "CAT AND DOG theology" in cell...

and it is mind blowing after the first session. this is a very, very short snipet of it.

1. i immediately started back my devotion, and had not stopped one night despite how late i go to bed. it is a unbelievable, it is GOD because i had tried numerous time the last two years to come back to doing regular devotion but had failed. something happen that night, i found back the REASON to do so. it is not what i can get out of it... it is just like the excitement of chasing after my TV series. i cant wait to see who HE is. i know i had read the bible but i had not read it that way before and now every page i run my finger through seems so fresh and interesting.
2. i slept late, i worked the whole day in PJ, i was stuck in a 1 1/2jam to usj to celebrate my friend's baby birthday, im late for cell. so it is really, really convenient to skip cell group (what i normally would do) plus home is so near. but instead i drove back all the way to ttdi, very close to where i came from earlier. though i was late, knowing what the first session to do me... i didnt want to miss out what the second lesson have to say. this desire and hunger was something i had not had for a very long time. believe me it is really GOD.

i have been a christian for 15 years, is it crazy for me to say i suddenly know what it means to be one. reading the bible is beginning to be interesting again. forgive me for blaming everything else but myself. becoming a believer was difficult because i have drifted away from the main character of the bible.

the discussion session is just too loaded, i think i need to get that book to make a deeper reflection to pursue back the very essence of what it means to be a believer again.

someone says i have shaky foundation. i think he is so so right. but i didnt know better.

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