Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 gentlemen

the wedding was sweet. pei kuan and andrew love story is beautiful. you will never fully comprehend what i feel because i first know her when she walked off from a very long relationship. to see her walk down the aisle is a classic example of God's continuous faithfulness in each and everyone of our life.

since when i talk about wedding i attend? so let me bring you the real point of my post. these three boys are the most charming siblings i have ever known in my entire life. they not only have good looks, good stature, smart, wise, gentleman, polite but also man with great integrity. all i wanted to do is attend the wedding to see which parents raise such fine kids. im more than happy with what i see.

they are totally the type of guy your parents like as son in law :). too bad the two older boys are taken. all is not lost, noel promise to hook monica and i with his colleague -- a line up of SIA pilots. now is the time to test if he is a man of his words, if he proves to be i might just married a singaporean after all. wish us luck hahaha...

photo courtesy of our ever gorgeous winnie.

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