Thursday, May 22, 2008

things can turn around in a split second

some believe that they need to stay awake to watch the game to give their share of moral support in order that their team win.
some believe that they must not watch the game because they jinx the team.
some went around recruiting "i know your team is not playing tonight. can you support man u for the night pls", as if the number of fans will affect the result.
some asked God "i hope it is not too much to ask for two titles this season".
but most of all im still amazed at the many that stayed up till the wee hours of the morning and are going to work just in a while.

it had been a great season for me. i always think im a social soccer fans. meaning i watch games only when others are watching. but i had been very discipline to sit through all the midnight games these few weeks. staying up at night is nothing except that i was watching it all alone. my heart was beating crazily every minute. and i am very, very proud of myself. these two victories are bonus to me. this game especially reminded me: how many times when the circumstances doesnt look promising, i get dispirited too soon. cheer up, be of good spirit. things can always turn around. sooner than i can imagine.

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