Monday, May 05, 2008

a family weekend

i was planning a beach getaway for a while now but had not come to it. then out of the blue my dad booked a family rejuvenating spa package over the weekend to damai laut, it is somewhere near pangkor (in case you dont know where that is).

after lunch facing the beach at the resort, we hit of to pangkor island.

my family

my little sis and me, try to keep that cool look despite the wind and wave.

my youngest sis is currently my most trusted photograher in the family

our first stop, to a nearby village to get some salted fish and tit bits

without further adieu, we hit the beach...

... to fulfill my dying desire to get some tan

but im too shy to post my frontal photos, you can have my back :)

then i need to do some beach-y thing, walk by the beach...

... and take some photos

leng and i made some effort to walk all the way to this hotel to revisit our "surf camp" youth camp site. the place that linked me up to yong howe, ps lawrence and ps seng lee, whom i believe significantly cause my moved to singapore and hook up with the the current fcbc bunch

we indulge ourself with a full body massage, i refuse to go until i make sure we have a 4-1 victory.

the next morning, we went to the poolside and make another attempt to get ourselves a better tan before we hit off to ipoh to get this famous... yim kok kai (salted chicken)

no kidding, we need to wait 40 minutes for it. cars just parked there to wait and nobody complain even a bit.

the boxes stacked all up and i seriously think they make good money. my family alone bought 7 boxes, in an hour i estimate they sell about 60 chickens (not forgetting, i dunno where the full van loads goes to. darn... im sure they make good money

my personal favourites, i think the resorts view are really great especially during sunset.


elaine said...

HAHA u made it to the beach before any of us! but that's cool, family trip to USA, now to beach to chill out, that's really gd.. ;) anyway so u finally satisfied ur heart's desire for tanning i hope!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh!!! I was thinking about the "surf camp" when you mentioned pangkor in the beginning of your entry. can't believe you and leng walked there. didn't look familiar to me at all though....
and yes... i agree that it did caused you to do the whole singapore move... =)


chaiyen said...

ye elaine, i make it to the beach though i havent fulfill exactly what i wanted to do.

yahh annie. u remember the crazy hours to get there. our camp was delayed like 3-4 hours because of the bad jam. everyone almost killed us.