Wednesday, October 31, 2007

most memorable moments of 2007

someone asked: "tell me 5 of the most memorable things that happen to you this year? im sure it is easy for you, you are always good at this."

then i realised i cant come out with one. till of course he put words in my mouth "japan trip?", "ok yah". of course i randomly gave him 5 following that but i think i wasn't quite convinced. therefore i decided to type this to rephrase my answer. the most memorable thing about this year is... there are NO most memorable. how about that?

it is not that i don't enjoy my year, in fact i do very much. but you know as most years things are quite mundane, so it is easy to point out those memorable moments. or maybe i was quite focus, so it was pretty easy to count out my achievements quite clearly. but as for this year, i have no focus but everyday turned out to be quite something. every week im meeting different client. every meals i walk into a new person life. also because most years i was happy throughout, time passes by so quickly and it was easy to flash back. january was still as fresh as yesterday when i do my year end reflection. but 2007 feels like forever. february shanghai trip feels like 3 years ago. i went thru quite an emotional roller coaster but this is the break down of my status now.

im conscious of God and involve him in my life everyday. the sad thing is probably it is because i have no one to talk to at the end of the day (you know how much i love to talk). im back in my cell, it grew so much that all the faces there are different which is exactly what i wanted because i dont really like to hang around with ppl that knows too much yet not enough of my background because i feel judged already when i see them. am very glad i like them almost immediately, not to mention our chase for food. yes we just went to klang for bak kut teh on sunday. you know i love them when i wake up at 7am just to do that.
work had never been greater. i never know i can do so much, nothing explain how this is possible except for my prayer. the best bit of it, i actually enjoyed most of it.
i think i had done more than i can ask for and i think it is quite a balance of work and play. so im pretty happy about it.
ups and downs. the downs was so bad that i remember i desperately prayed "God i dont want relationships (bgr) anymore, just give me back all my friends". as it come closer to the end of the year, it seems like all the down has miraclously find a way to solve themselves. so all seems to be looking up.
i didnt try very hard to fulfill my part of the prayer to deserve the above from happening. im not in love. and for me actually the feeling of not being in love at all is good. so that is quite something.

in a way, japan wasnt memorable. me making it to japan was. me meeting some friends was. me getting some jobs was. so this year is that. it is not about what and where i go. but the process of it. only God knows how long i had been dreaming to go Japan. so behind everything that took place this year is a story on itself.

i was just thinking, maybe time stopped.


Anonymous said...

quite a poetic entry haha ;p

chaiyen said...

maybe we do that when we get tired hahaa