Thursday, October 18, 2007

tried and tasted

i found myself saying this that day:
"i no longer believe in confronting ppl or being transparent to other ppl with my feelings (eventhough my intentions are good, eventhough it is better to get it off my chest), because from experience it had never turn up well"

i didn't know i had change my stand until i say it out. i guess it is a sad fact that i cannot live as liberal as i should. i once thought that if we bring everything to light then we will all be happier creature, not second guessing each other intentions. contrary to that, i found out if i keep those words in my heart and bring it to the grave with me. we will both have longer friendship lifespan. not everyone likes the truth and not everybody know how to face the truth. ppl come and ppl go but i do not need to jeopardise it before time. now that i have learn to speak out, actually to suppress the feelings are quite a selfless act. not many will agree with this, i don't too. but this is just the way to do life. maybe... "the truth set us free" but you see what we think of another is not necessary truth. even what we think of ourselves are not necessary true. so just keep that to yourself and keep everybody happy.

i just upgraded my macbook memory to 2GB. am really please with it.

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