Sunday, October 14, 2007

a new day

what makes some ppl think that:
1. i will do better this year with a new start
2. i will do better in my next relationship, i will make sure i will never choose this kind of girl anymore
3. i need a new job then life will be so much better
4. if i have a new car, i wont have the same problem anymore
5. i just need a new look and a fresh start

something about the old and the baggages that weight you down. and we human being many times are just too lazy to clear up our mess so we take the easy way out and quit. we wish that we wake up to a new start with a new look, new wife, new car and new job in a new year. but i have come to a point that the cycle will just repeat itself.

start your day new everyday. do the changes you need and get thing sorted out. you already know it, so dont let it prove you a point that it wasn't the fault of the car, the job or the guy. it has always been you. so start being a less demanding girl, love your job and car. who cares you have a new look everyday.

dont wait for the new year to do so. it's a new day.

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