Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the selfishness in us

what if you are in love with the same person your best friend is in love with? what if you never have the courage to speak up and they ended up together? what if you actually realised you couldnt bear seeing them every day as much as you thought you can handle it? what if you later realised you have a hand in causing their break up? what if you actually realised you still like that person?

do you think that love is really selfish? it is subtle yet sometimes you can recognise that ugliness from within even though you can deceive the whole world. then you try to reason to yourself that the feeling is no longer there because you had learned all your life that love is not selfish.

the saddest thing to this is you had not only wrong your best friend but the one you claim you love. so is love about seeing the one you love happy or to possess the one you love? it is easier said then done even though all of us want to be that sacrifical great lover.

Peyton: ok, I am not arguing with you!
Peyton's subconscience: Oh, come on, Peyton that's what we do, OK? We have these inner conversations daily! Am I gonna look stupid? Am I pretty enough? Did Jake just want to get in my pants? Should Lucas be with me, instead of Brooke?
Peyton: No, OK you're wrong. Lucas and I are just friends and Jake loved me.
Peyton's subconscience: Whatever you say, cheerleader... whine, whine, mope, mope, always the victim! My mom died, Jake left, Ellie lied! Boo hoo.
Peyton: You really are a bitch, you know that?


looping again:

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getting a hang of busy schedule. currently doing 5 magazines, planning my next holiday and at the same time checking out cupcakes and lollipops for my client wedding favours. still i found time for sleep, quiet time, cell, friends, movies and dvds. life.


Anonymous said...

now that's what i call living live to the full...won't you say so? just wanted to say that you are doing so well in everything at the moment, should be proud of yourself =)


chaiyen said...

pat pat myself. thanks. how is my little girl doing? and of course the mummy of my little girl who has always been hearing me out. love you for that, really :)