Tuesday, October 30, 2007

memory leaves you no choice

it is one ex's birthday follow by another that is when i realised i can actually remember all my exs' birthdays. ok. i only do not remember the missing-in-action guy's birthday maybe because that was only a 3 months affair. but if im not mistaken he is a september baby which means i kind of like september to november guys quite a bit :)

so what is the big deal i remember their birthdays. those who know me will know that it is really a big big deal because i do not remember anyone birthday except for my family, four girls, a guy (of whom i have a long crush) and all my exs (except mia guy). that will be a total of 15 people birthdays.

one of the many reasons of course is time has cause me to remember them because i had celebrated so many birthdays with them. but i think for my exs it is because i had put much effort in it. meaning like i will be counting down the whole month doing cards, making reservations and so on... that i kind of have those dates ingrain in me. and not that i did anything the last few years expecially my ex 13 years ago, that is why i find it kind of weird i still remember. it is not a regret i remember, not at all. just curious.

you can make your mind remember what you want to remember but later you can never tell your mind what to be removed. memory chooses what they want to remember.

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