Thursday, December 07, 2006

you are worthy, love who you are

i just watched The Joy Luck Club again. i wanted the dvd in the first place was to remind me this lesson but i think it slipped my mind. so now is the time to refresh my memory.

she is meeting her ex husband tonight. she don't know if she is still hoping for something but her mum knows.

"why do you still want to make this pie for him? you think he will see the pie and feel sorry for you – for taking you for granted? when you give him a gift why do you have to beg him to have it. he will take you more for granted. you need to know what you are worth."

she loves him. very much. even though her act of love go unnoticed. it is ok, to her that is the selfless way. as she tried harder and harder she didn't know she is giving up more and more of herself. she became the "yes woman". she has no more opinion of her own left, all she wants is for him to be happy. but that is not what his husband wants, he cannot bear staying with her anymore.

we live in a world where divorce is a norm. how do we keep a long lasting relationship if no one will give way? if both stayed head strong it will explode, if only one party give in it will still fall apart. i guess it is really difficult isn't it? the fear that it will fall apart gripped us and makes it even more hard to sustain a relationship. why is this movie so beautiful? because all the good intentions are make known. sometimes that is all you want, that the person you love know how much you really care.

he knows she found herself again when she said this:
"it was not your fault. i was the one that let you know my love is not good enough for you. that your love is worth more than mine. i was wrong."

a diamond is actually just another stone, it doesn't has any good value but it is us women that give worth to it. when we know we are worth something, that is when ppl can begin to value us once again. remember the person who chose you, he loves who you are in the first place. so make sure you do not lose yourself in the process.


retiredpainter said...

let God's love be the anchor and foundation for the 2-in-love to continue building their love on? when the foundation's firm, it's not as easy to give way i guess :)

shups! said...

...makes me wanna watch the show again :)