Thursday, June 05, 2008

one of a kind

lying there with both my eyes close while the girl massage my face and shoulder. suddenly i realised she was plucking my eye brows. i had this bad feeling that she might just get my brows off balance.

but i thought she is already half way through so i didnt bother, plus hair will grow, so whatever. with my eyes close i let my mind go wild into the topic. if God make all of us? isnt it a bit weird why some of us have bigger right eyes or longer left leg. to be a bit more crude isnt it nicer to have a pair of boobs that are of the same size. what measuring system does he use? it doesnt make sense to me. i trust him to be a more meticulous craftman than this, plus im one designer myself and i know what im talking about. if i want to make another leg, i will just duplicate the left and flip it over. then it will look perfect isnt it?

i was startle by what came to my mind following that. God crafted our left leg and right leg one by one. my left and right eyes, ears, hands, fingers, every single hair... all one by one. he did not make one hair and duplicate a bunch. he did not take the old template of my hair and duplicate it for my sister and twitch the colour a little. to sum that up, im not machine made nor am i computer generated. wow...

as if that doesnt blow my mind already... no way, every leaves, flowers, petals, trees, mountains, clouds. seriously, every grain of the tree trunk, the leaves, the direction of the branches. he put so much time in fashioning each and everyone of them. at the end of it i was dumbstruck of how much time he had spent on us. why will he put so much effort to it. a movie animator will tell you easily create 10 trees (which i believe is a lot of work in itself already), duplicate it and it will be a forest. if he is hard working, he will do 20 or maybe 30 to make it look more realistic. but He has went way beyond that to make it all different, not that He will be caught by any of us who rarely step foot in the forest. coming from one that can exert such power, there is nothing to explain this besides the fact that He takes pleasure in doing that.

yes, i was always told im special but i had never come to that understanding till today. even though i might not be a eye candy to you. i know im not perfect but i was never intended to be. so today i do feel a little special knowing the fact that someone up there actually took some time just to mold me in the history of mankind.

i wasnt too happy to find out that my intuition was right about my brows when i look at the mirror. but it was a good lesson learned so i gave that girl a break and left without pursuing the matter.

forget about this dumb world that makes you feel less special than who you really are. remember, you are not perfect but you are more than that. YOU ARE GOOD, that is what He says the day he completed his creation.


Wei Li said...

no better way to say this =)

chaiyen said...


another thanks for the link to your blog. i realised i know more about you from your blog then going yam cha with you hahaha... keep writing