Thursday, March 13, 2008

who is holding the trump card?

in every relationship whether we believe it or not someone is holding the trump card. whether it is friendship or a boy girl relationship. the person holding the trump card has the power to win whether he or she is right or wrong. as much as we like the fact that the person at wrong to apologise. after a while i have come to a point in the reality of the world today is it doesnt really matter anymore who is right and wrong. both party most of the time think that they are right. so what keeps the relationship would be the one that treasure that friendship or relationship more than the other.

the ideal plan though is never to allow your other friend to know he or she is holding that trump card or to prolong that person from knowing it. but still sometimes that is just to deny the fact that we are not holding it. how to play when you have bad cards, play carefully.

tuesday was very eventful and it was all last minute plan. at 9pm i went with anna to gerard and rowlings for a drink, i honestly think they are very generous with their liquor plus my threshold is not that great or unless the fact is true that you get drunk faster if you are down.

then i went to william's mamak at about 10.30pm to meet up with weng onn before he leaves the next day for newyork.

passed by justin's place about 11.30pm to pass him his namecards. used the loo and got hooked watching nanking.

after feeling more sober, at 1.30am finally arrived at asia cafe to meet alan and the boys. told you i have soft spot for birthdays. i was very late but i came right heheh... happpppy birthday.

it was a waste by the time i reached home not only the liquor has no effect i was feeling very much the opposite, i was too awake. after my great effort of the whole night i would at least think that i can rest early. my plan doesnt work *sigh*

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