Saturday, March 08, 2008

la trip: day7 walk of fame, the market and grifith observatory

morning at the walk of fame. i had been there before when i was kid but honestly nothing there looks familiar to me at all.

and because im now doing HELLO! magazine and am very much more educated with celeb news, i finally see with my own eyes the red carpet venue that had been frequently mention 'THE KODAK THEATRE'

we had some time so we moved on to visit a local market. the sun set was superb so i kind of love these set of photos. the sun had been great everyday but just that this set with the train track makes it looks extremely sublime.

seeing the local kids was kinda sweet too :) they started giggling after that and told their mum i took their photos hahah...

griffith observatory looks really far more better than what my poor little camera can capture at night. but who cares im not there to bring back a star (stardust) for love.

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