Saturday, March 29, 2008

things we do

there are a few things that ppl do after they break up and they dont even know why they do it. now that im more sane let me try to tell you why they do it.

1. they write letters or long email
how? normally it is about how they still feel for the other person, all the best, last words kinda thing. this happen because there are just so many things that run through their mind and they need an outlet to do so.
why? they still have a lot of unfinished words and they actually think that the unsaid words will touch the person, turn things around but most of all they want the other person to know they will be waiting in case they change their mind.
results of it? nothing, they very often do not get a reply... in fact i had not heard of once they ever get a reply but still when ask, i told them to sent it rather than buried those feelings. the other party will read however they like it and sometimes wrongly misread their intentions. it is not the best form of communication but it might be the last resource sometimes if the other party is not willing to sit down and talk to them anymore.

2. they wish the other person luck
how? whether in career or new relationship.
why? because they want to show that they are supporting you no matter what happens but genuinely they might not totally agree or like those choices of yours but they are just trying to prove a point that they want you to be happy.
results of it? it sounds like a farewell to the other party but that is probably not what they want. in fact what they wanted is that the other party will come to them when things get trying.

3. they listen to sad love songs/movies
how? the play sad love songs and watch piles of sad love movies.
why? because they need to find the words to their pain. they need to let themselves cry.
results of it? most of time ppl will think that this is pathetic and adding salt to wound but it can be a really way to find words to describe the pain you are going through since at times you cant even describe how you feel.

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