Sunday, March 30, 2008

we need hope to exist

MEREDITH: "No matter what, you walking down that aisle today. I need you to go down that aisle. You marrying Burke, it's a sign. Sign that people like you and me ... can do this. Be healthy, be happy. You marrying Burke restores my faith in... me."
CRISTINA: "Ohhhh I get it. My wedding is about you."

yes, i love watching movies. seriously i love happy ending and it doesnt matter it is the same old predictable ending, i still dont care a bit. yah, i think im a very hopeful person. i remember i went through the painful breakup watching stacks and stacks of love dramas. as many as my hand can lay hold on, if one happy ending is not enough for the night i go for two. it helps. it helps take my mind away from the painful now and take a fresher look at my situation because there is a happy ending. i need to be reminded im not at the end yet and i need to know something good is going to happen. so i watch movies. i watch movies to shorten my life to 2 hours and lay hold of that person happy ending.

then this whole thing about series come out which is totally fine. it prolongs the waiting for happy ending but it will come, it will. but this thing about season is driving me crazy. it is long and the end doesnt seems to be the end. then another season comes and spoil my happy ending. this series thing is a total reflection of our current life and troubles that never end and gosh i think we dont need that. and after a whole season of grey's, im rabbling like meredith. what im really saying is we need happy ending, we need happy ending because it gives us hope. and we need movies... more movies then dramas because we need this hope to exist.

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