Sunday, March 09, 2008

hear the wind of change


to have my ex head prefect to be my state assembly woman reminds me what we once believe we could do but never come close to achieving. change our community.

to be part of a history making generation was quite unbelievable even though i believe i once fervently prayed for that though never fully understand that.

and to think of what is taking place in the united states. i always like the idea of a black president, whether it is '24' or 'man of honour', they always portray themselves to be strong, fighting great integrity man or a woman whom a biography i bother to read. mine is just a shallow first impression opinion. whoever it is i believe both are making history and will definitely cause a great effect in our world.

all these makes me quiver. seriously what do you think God is doing? i dunno but it certainly makes me more tearful and prayerful. for moment i lose it because i never believe i will live to see this day.

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