Saturday, October 06, 2007

tokyo myth no5: if you don't understand japanese it is difficult to travel in japan

erm... of course it will be so much easier if we do speak japanese. but steph bought a japanese book to help us communicate with these jap but we were so pro we didn't even have a chance to use that book. basically they can't speak english very well but if you give them the words, they understand. for eg: "right?", "buy ticket here?". the train lines were very clear. with a bit of mandarin we did even better :). i was so impress with myself because after a while i couldnt even bother changing the language to english while buying tickets. i just left it in jap. so no worries about going japan for free and easy trip. you will figure it out, besides the ppl are really helpful so what is the fuss.

so cute
cuteness, should we bite the head off?

asakusa temple


nice angle

what is that?
while i was trying to stand away from the smoke. whatever they are doing, it must be to get some luck. so weird.

tokyo disneyland
finally we are here at tokyo disneyland


just the two of us
it doesnt matter you go there alone. ppl are very willing to take photos for you everywhere. they even have staff station at the entrance to take group photos for you. and i mean he shoots good photos.

tokyo disneysea entrance
and so we are in with the woww... wahhh... woooooo....

tokyo disneysea venice look alike
sorry we are really impressed

tokyo disneysea venice
photo by steph

tokyo disneysea broadway2
my conclusion the japanese were too lazy to leave their country. so they bring in venice, broadway, eiffel tower and the whole world and built it in their country.

tokyo disneysea broadway

photo by steph
this is like our chinese dumpling. the food here are really nice and thanks to steph because i wouldnt have the courage to buy them myself

ok a little cute to follow the mood
yes we already told you, this ppl offer to take photos for us. so we just strike a pose.

only cartoon character
unlike disneyland where you can see all the cartoon characters everywhere. we don't see many here and we were quite disappointed. we definitely going to grab a photo though we don't even know what's his name. who cares.


if only i could climb up there
photo by steph

sausage cart street

arabian coast
the arabian coast

the mermaid lagoon
the mermaid lagoon

photo by steph
conclusion: disneysea is a very romantic place. don't go there with another girl.

photo by steph

drama of the day
house of terror
photo by steph
this is the house of terror. i vividly remember the disneyland in US has this house of terror which is really fun and cute. where you see friendly ghost like casper. so i told her i want to go in there. and so we did. she didn't want to take any scarry rides but we saw kids about our waist height in the que so i guessed it shouldnt be that scary. it took us quite a while to finally be sitted in a lift look alike thing. it goes up and the door open in a floor with some weird looking thing but that didn't do any harm at all. then it goes up again a little faster but it was too scary as well. and it goes up and open up at the top view of the disneysea. "wohh so nice". steph said "oh no, i think it is going to... (drop)" and it happens. so sudden, i have nothing to grab. i just remember my foot around hers.... my hand grabbing her and i forgotten where my heart went. after that we both could hardly walk straight, a little dizzy and we finally admit we were too old for this.

statement of the day
we walk here more than we walk in bangkok. look both my ankle are swollen. i think i had overdone it this time.


deJelly said...

his name is Bernard from Rescuers if i'm not mistaken..

= )

Anonymous said...

Finally you are at Day 5. Hahaha...
Well, overall it was a great experience and i believe we both enjoyed the trip.
We should be proud of ourselves.
Let's do it again someday!!! ;)


chaiyen said...

yahh finally... so long i think i almost forget everything already. let's see where is the next place to conquer

haha... who is bernard the rescuers hahahhaha....

deJelly said...

that mouse you took picture with...

= P

Anonymous said...

you have a lot of nice picture, especially those building one

chaiyen said...

thanks, iCalvyn. visiting japan soon?