Sunday, October 21, 2007

the girl in the frame

this is for those who have not seen me for a while. i do like to see myself smile. somehow she reminds me of the happier me.

i was contemplating if i should show you guys this because i've got recent comment that i have a lot of slutty photos. being a person that very much get bothered by how ppl think of me, i was a bit affected. then i think about it... come on my photos are so mild compare to those beach girls photos a and d took. also, i dont really have what it takes to do slutty photos. btw that is called art :)

also... it is a truth, i'm quite vain. i like to show off my nice photos. sometimes i do feel that i look better on photos. i guess it is because in photos you choose what you can keep but in life you cant really do that. In case you are wondering why girls go for makeover and big shopping after breakups. they need that to rebuilt their self esteem. Here is a written proof.

"I was also touched when Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour called to propose an article and photo shoot for the December issue of the magazine. It was gutsy of her to offer and counterintuitive for me to accept. In fact, the experience did wonders to my spirits. I wore a glorious burgundy velvet Oscar de la Renta creation for the cover shoot. For a day, I escaped into a world of makeups artists and haute couture. The Annie Leibovitz photographs were greatm giving me the chance to look good when I had been feeling so low."
Hillary Rodham Clinton words in her biography Living History after the scandal between Bill and Monica Lewinsky


Anonymous said...

hey at some angles u actually looked like meijin hahaha

chaiyen said...

meijin? ok she is pretty i dont mind hehehe. had not seen you online for ages

Anonymous said...

ya leh doing disappearing act.. hehe

chaiyen said...

??? any reason for that?

Anonymous said...

hmm it's everything and anything and yet nothing i guess, haha

but doesn't matter, u know how/where to find me rite? hehe

see ya next week if we get a chance to meet ups. cheerz!

-mon 29/10

chaiyen said...

sure thing... we had not hangout for a while