Friday, June 02, 2006

tomorrow will never be the same

creative director: i need you to come into the office to work for the first issue
chaiyen: when do i start?
creative director: can you start tomorrow?
chaiyen: tomorrow? erm... okie

i walked off the building, first i need to change my friday lunch appoinment. so i met auntie lee choo for lunch immediately. then i had to cancel my massage session tomorrow and squeezed it into the evening. at night i went out for pool, then i realised i cannot go back too late because i had some work to finish before tomorrow comes.

from tomorrow onwards
1. i will be going to into the office from 9am - 5pm
2. i will not be able to wake up at noon anymore
3. i will be joining the morning traffic jam
4. i will have no more afternoon nap
5. i will not be able to finish watching all my outstanding dvds
6. i will not be able to run my errands at non peak hour anymore
7. i will be late for dinner appointments if i can't finish my work
8. i will not have the luxury to meet ppl at anytime they want
9. i will not be able to keep chatting on msn
10. i will have to join the evening traffic to go home

but it is good
1. i was just thinking if i should go back to full time to kill my time and this is perfect
2. i can get out of my crazy sleeping hours, take less noon nap and sleep earlier at night
3. i will know some new friends
4. i got to wear all my nice dresses and skirts
5. i can still go for bangkok in the middle of june, the off days are approved
6. i will earn more money
7. i will have this client as my long term client after this month
8. i can still do my freelance at night
9. i am very excited because it is something new again
10. i can leave as soon as i am done :)


Pauleon said...

wow congrats!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way too....The working life is never the same when you were once a freelancer and used to wake up after someone's breakfast or lunch period. I struggled a while for the first few days/weeks. Well now, I'm just so sick of waking up not because I have to work, but going thru the whole day without some rest for my physical self, I sometimes do feel burnout....and actually, I am now. That's when I learn to love myself by buying me a nice meal and doing things unrelated to work eg. sing-K, playing pool & foosball, checking out chicks in makan places, listening to music that I like, talking stuffs without my consciences....these are the things that I do when I feel so damn tired after a whole day of running up and down...It makes me sick, that's why I gotta 'release', if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

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