Monday, June 05, 2006

the song of every woman

In life and death, Marilyn embodied a supremely surreal and ambiguous version of the all-American success story. Raised in orphanages and foster homes, she became the Queen of Hollywood, using her talent and her body in equal measure to ascend from one imagined tier to the next. By the end she had achieved everything any starry-eyed bit player could dream of, and along the way she had bedded a president, married a sports legend and literary giant, and captured the adulation of the world more completely than any actress of any time. She could be in turns a bitch and a baby, cunning and helpless, the goddess of sexual promise and the ghost of oblivion. She was a woman who could move, in the afternoon, from the trembling mess of insecurity and self-doubt into and absolute master of her art. No one before or since has put more electricity and magic onto a piece of film.
excerpts from the book Murder in Mind by Kirk Wilson

As i read more and more about her life, how she got famous and had every attention that she wanted. many men will fall for her, i mean of course she is dead gorgeous. who would think that inside this woman she cried the same song of every woman, a desire to be loved more than just for her body and sex. from one man to another, she was craving for that. records had it her few calls were rejected by her lover before she took her last breath. wow can't believe one will not take up her calls.

"If fifteen men were in the room with her," said one Hollywood publicist, "each would be convinced he was the one she'd be waiting for after the others left."

She had no problem attracting guys, she had problem finding one that loves her enough to stay. if the goddess of love who had men at the tip of her fingers struggled to be accepted and to find this thing call love. what makes it easier for us?

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