Tuesday, June 27, 2006


laugh till i can't hold my camera properly

a compilation of quanwei's jokes/ best of best

day 1

qw: when the locals say to us 'sawade ka'. this is how you respond, look at my hand...


day 2

cy: hey where do you get the eggs?
qw: oh you knock on the head of the chicken 3 times, the egg will come out.

btw this is my daily yummy breakfast

day 3

qw: wow the jap buffet last night was really feeling... if i eat more i will be like the merlion.

day 4

cy: eh why are you not eating egg this morning
qw: arghh, i ate the chicken last night

he ordered fried chicken expecting 2 pieces but he was served a whole chicken. and so there goes the chicken that provide eggs for our daily breakfast :)

1. value air air stewardess: the total age for our crew on this flight is 232
the woman sitting next to me: what was that for? for us to buy 3D is it?

2. brazil vs japan game, after the first goal
cy: yeahhhh, japan put in a goal before brazil hahhhha
jerrine (brazilian fans): who is that kamade (translation: your mother!)

we found this big board on the street reminding us of the time of the upcoming game. isn't that cool?

3. cy: so what do my travel insurance cover? what if i lost my laptop? how much will they pay me back? can i lose it pls, i want to buy the new macbook.
alvin (who is also our insurance agent): i have a bad feeling selling the insurance to you

an agent feel intimidated for the first time :)

what's new
1. cy: i want to go watch tiger show
i shall not mention who: eeeeeee..... why chaiyen do you know what they do? they open the can with their vagina... yuks.
cy: huh serious how do they do that?

2. steph: what are we playing? "asshole tai di" (cards game)?
cy: huh what is the different between asshole tai di and cho tai di? got such game?

3. alvin: when you go for bargain just say "pheng" (thai tanslation= so expensive, cantonese= so cheap)
cy: okie i get it, put a straight face and go "pheng" (thai) even though it is very "pheng" (cantonese) already


a total of 12 of us in the trip. 5 were down with diarrhoea, fever and were vomitting. 2 fell sick with sore throat and fever.

the last five standing: quanwei, laifong, steph, weiling and i. we had la ji thong (rubbish bin) tummy. and yah i am the only one buying all kinds of food from the street. i am well trained from malaysia mamak, we eat next to the drain.

and i am really sleepy now... staying awake to finish both my clients work till 6am this morning... zzz. see how long i can stand tonight.


Anonymous said...


Dang that was a good post. Ya I am mad sleepy... about to pass out at work. Glad you had fun!

Jon Ng said...

wow! Nice holiday!.....Hahaha....(I also want to go)!!!

deJelly said...


The breakfast looks good!! .. mmm... I'm in my room.. it's 1:47am... where can i get such food? = (

Pauleon said...

haha, well done, malaysia do you good.

singaporeans have once again been proven not to have good stomach. hahaha