Monday, June 19, 2006

maybe someone can give some answers

someone ask me this:
do guys call you out only when they are interested in you? i am just curious why the abrupt change when they suddenly stop calling you out
she is refering to her ex and another guy who is no longer interested in courting her.

another ask me this:
why is he saying all these mean things to me? before this i am his world, then now can't be bothered

then another make this statement:
you know i used to think that he listens and we can talk. people say it is common but i refuse to accept it

it is amusing why they asked me this, is it because i just broke up and they want to find out if every guy is the same. or maybe they just want to find a girl to relate to.

i have to be fair, not every guy does that. even though it is rare. this might be some of the answers:
1. it is a waste of time taking you out since they are not interested in you. there are many more things to do, you know. btw phone bill is suddenly expensive.
2. if it helps to make you feel better, they love you so much that they must not talk to you so that they can go on and do other things.

i am not a guy so obviously i can't answer that. so here you go guys, you might want to give them some answers. but be gentle.


Edmund said...

I'm no pro in this matter but this is what I think. You can pretty much bet on 2 things:

1. As much as it sucks to accept it, he has made up his mind based on the past couple of weeks(?),months(?) of courtship on where this relationship is going. But to be honest and fair to you, if he's a gentleman and an official courtship was agreed on, any final decision made should've been communicated.
The cold turkey could stem from #2.

2. You girls probably "tarik harga" too much to where guys just give up because of the confusion from the initial courtship agreement. Or it could definitely be just another way us guys are "baiting" you back. 2 can play the same game sometimes. But my instinct, playing heart games could lead to tremendous hurt. So guard your heart!

Anonymous said...

well.... sometimes that's just it. They don't care anymore. Or they are trying to make the girl forget them or they aren't interested in making the effort. It's a brutal reality but wuld you rather have a guy string you along and then have you find out he never intended to date you? Harsh but guys are and can be jerks.

That's not to say that girls are completely blameless. One needs to take a look at the circumstances before making a judgement call and both sides of the story too. If the girl was playing games as one comment suggested then too bad, u deserve it. Just as girls hearts and emotions are not to be played with, the same holds true for guys.