Sunday, June 11, 2006

memories cannot be redo or undo

for those of you who are not in kl, for your information we had our very first service in our new church building today. i had not help in the moving nor the preparation for this day and therefore only walk into the hall for the very first time this morning.

many had different thoughts about it but most missed the old sanctuary where many memories and events had taken place. i understand what they all meant but strangely i do not feel anything at all. maybe i had come to learn that no memories can be redo. we can only ask for new one to come. so what can the new building do to us? it cannot take away our memories but on the brighter side it can bring about more memorable days. for me the season there is over, may we believe that the glory of the latter will be greater than the glory of the formal house.

to be very honest, today in the service i did not feel the extra presence of God. but with the church that big, i enjoyed the fact that i can be lost in the crowd and just worship freely. at the end of the day, it is still the preparation of my heart that matters. i will try again next week :)

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Here's the post:

"To Date Or Not To Date

On the subject of dating, the best quote of the night:

friend (10:15:49 PM): since most of the time, guys are expected to make more of the effort
friend (10:15:59 PM): and bitches aint cheap

Ouch baby... :P"

The person who made the remark was female too. but this was not made clear.