Thursday, June 15, 2006

old friends new friendship

1. had been going out with the girls more than our weekly dinner, for eg gym, mahjong, climbing
2. had been going out with edwin a lot just to play pool
3. had been chatting online a lot with edmund* and lemuel
4. had been going out with justin** a lot for drink, movies and dinners

i had been going lunch with some collegue. it had been fun but i have to confess i am much more excited for those in the category up there. yah i pray that i will have new friends but even more that many old friendships will be restored.

*this guy is in the State now. he send me an email out of a blue from an email i send him 6 years ago, yah can you imagine he still keep that email.
**he is my second ex bf, we had known each other for 10 years now. it is funny what we can talk about, literally anything for eg "which is you favourite girlfriend, is it me?" :)


Anonymous said...

Haha... well as you can tell from the comments made on the subsequent post, the reactions were interesting. People here sometimes are a lot more uptight and sensitive than people back home.

Edmund said...

LOL! 6 years is a long time for us who are only a quarter of a century old! I just have the habit of archiving stuff that are meaningful and you are probably the only one that replied and stayed in touch since! Gave up on waiting on leng's reply....

Edmund said...

and I have to say that I can see you buying me a coke really soon! :)

chaiyen said...

no coke, edmund. that is not at all a sign.