Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my last 24 hours

yesterday was my last 24 hours to work till i start packing for my holiday. it is quite a bad timing, since my holiday dates are the most critical time actually because there is a presentation two days after i come back. besides, i have other jobs on top of that. that is why i am in the office till 11.30pm and yah i just finish my dinner, which is fairly good compare to my many OT. those who knows me will know what i mean.

but i don't care because i am looking forward to my first trip to bangkok and spending time with all my old friends which i believe will give me a good measure of lame jokes and laughters. why am i paying so much more to go from singapore? all for my beloved singapore friends, i paid for the company. with friend like me, who need more friends :)

will be back on sunday. don't miss me too much.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy youuuuurr holiday!!!!Cos I am also enjoying mine!!