Saturday, November 29, 2008

a romantic affair

the MIFA runway, lights and dresses left me somewhat dreamy. in the midst of very sophisticated faces which i so often see only in magazine, plus free flow of sparkling shiraz and wisky coke probably contributed to that feeling. it is about 1.30am and i make my way back, the sound of raindrops keep me company. after a hot shower, probably the next best thing to do is tuck myself in bed.

but it is friday night, and i dont want to just do the next best thing. im in a mood for a slow, catchy romance. and i got that spot on from my blueberry nights. check that web link, let those soundtracks play for a bit and you will understand what i mean. some ppl think wong kar wai's movies are pretty slow, remember im somewhat tipsy so the pace was just nice for me. couldnt resist jude law, he is not that great looking but always find him charming. a player real life (or so i heard), i know why he can be one. the way he stares at another girl, the way he runs his finger through the hair, such a killer. he can sweeps any girls' feet of the ground. i believe all that comes in natural, he wasnt just acting. love the music, angles, story line and babes. hypnotise by that kiss right there. now really wish i can do a movie journal.

movies like this can make us fall in love with love all over again. somehow recent affairs seem to be nurturing my heart back to love... do you think he is around the corner?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had greeeaaat fun there for your recent trip! Altho, the bruise looks naaasty :p

:) Let me know when u turn that corner right in front k... a surprize may be waiting for u.

Cheers dearie!

chaiyen said...

ohh yahh... i might catch u bunch before he comes around. will be there for new year. will call u all when my dates are more set. not even sure which day im heading south yet.

poke elaine for me, have not seen her online for a bit.