Monday, November 24, 2008

the great adventure

last weekend, we headed north to this place.

our room, or should i say our barn is pretty small but it is enough for the night.

this is me...

and my team.

part1: white water rafting

though you can barely see us except for our helmet, we are all still in the boat. this is what i found out after this trip, that white water rafting is not as scary as it looks like. but maybe because we only went for level3. it is really fun, and we really want to do this again.

part2: night tracking
we were busy grabbing branches and holding our torchlight. so no photos heheh...

part3: paintball

we almost name ourself camp-whore (since they were cam-whoring the whole trip) but we went with the company name team hot

my damage:

i pull through the whole thing with just one o-chia (blue black) and minor bruises. oh yahh... one lesser pair of shoes.

all photos courtesy of yeow mei ann.

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