Saturday, November 15, 2008

i heart traveling

one weird night, ignoring the workload that is piling up, i indulged in cyber holiday-ing. i sat there and started googling places i can go if i do go korea. i found out that it can be quite fun even though it doesnt cost me a penny. this is the list of places i would like to go if im there.

1. Lotte world and take photo on the carrousel, scenes from stairways to heaven and many other korean series.

2. definitely drop by this one million USD house, made especially for the series full house. would be really nice if i can have a morning jog by the beach behind this house.

3. for food, i will probably visit the list of restaurants from my lovely sam-soon. the many sumptuous meals seem appetising. this list had been quite consistent in a few web links. so i guess if im feeling rich, i should drop by especially Top Cloud Bar & Grill. having dinner with a view overlooking seoul looks enticing.

4. korean bbq is a must.

5. the nanta show, was mentioned as one of the funniest eating experience.

6. would probably shop at apgujeong, itaewon, myongdong and namdaemun. imagine loads and loads of shops like this.

7. hot bath in one of those authentic traditional spa. since i had seen naked women in tokyo, i mind as well check out those in korea too.

8. skiing if im in a mood for new things.

9. find this little room in Muju Resort where Hye-Won (hye yuan) filled the whole ceiling with yellow roses, scenes from summer scent. by night i will walk to this field and probably dance on his feet. so it does mean i will go to this resort only if im bringing my next bf. if not i might skip this place, nothing much to do there except that.

10. dont think i will make my way to this island either but thought i should mention this. isnt this love-shape island quite a view? from the series spring waltz

one thing i just found out about seoul, the whole state doesnt have a proper address system. all web links will either insert map of their place or lengthy description of which exit to take from the train station and so on. very interesting. except for summer, every season sounds like a good time to visit korea. but i seriously love the white snowy look, not sure if i can stand that weather. cant wait to really step foot in this country.

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