Tuesday, November 04, 2008

is it fame?

when i was younger, we always pass this little-autograph-book around. our friends will write forget-me-not poems, wishes and biodata. there is this one particular detail under biodata called best friends which i never dare put. ppl will list down their best friends, regardless it is not mutual. they dont even mind offending you by not putting your name while signing your book. i always wonder, how do ppl decide who-to-put-in or who-not-to-put-in.

i have this same feeling nowadays as i see ppl put links of their friends on their blog. who do you list out? all your friends? all your readers to pls them? ppl that actually blogs? my guess is that they will link blog that they follow closely for convenient sake. but as i surveyed a few blogs, i realised that is not necessary the case. then i see a trait. some ppl tend to add the so-called-famous into their link. it doesnt matter they only know each other over a party yesterday and it doesnt even matter they never get the blog address from that person itself. why would one put someone they barely know? is it to let that person know they have an intention to be closer? or it serves as a shoutbox to tell the world they are in some kind of clique with this so-called-famous? or is a hopeful wish that this so-called-famous will be nice and put your link in their blog... then you will be on-the-way-to-be-almost-famous? do you think we all have hidden motives? do you think little things like this define us? like at work and all... do we befriend ppl that are in some sort of status to make ourselves look good? am i trying to make a statement holding a cup of starbucks everyday? or using a mac or joining a gym?

sorry for the loads of questions. but i really find it ironic because we dont normally like ppl to judge-us-by-the-cover. yet we go great lengths to make that cover looks good. im in no position to judge because in facebook under this application top friends, i unconsciously committed the same offense -- i randomly added some and not the other. they are not really best friends per se, just maybe friends i hangout more closely with then, which is not even the case now. i vaguely remember i have to add the whole gang of friends while adding one because i do not want to offend anyone. maybe i think too much... as i normally do.

having said that, i am very honoured when ppl link me in their blog. whether it is because you are proud of me as your friend or just for convenient sake. but to date i still do not have the courage do so, maybe more than the fear of offending others the fear of judging my own motives.


blurred esh said...

hey! i was just thinking abt my old authograph books that i used to pass around too in school! and the photos and everything.. nostalgic.. hehehe

anyway.. initially i add links cuz i was afraid i'll forget the address to their site.. *grin*

chaiyen said...

yah, i know you did that for that purpose. i am questioning some other ppl... not you.

but ya autograph book, mine koyak already. see my front page coming out.