Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the tan look


HOT magazine 100th issue party at pulse, grand millennium hotel


STYLE magazine 1st year anniversary party at zouk

this tan has lasted me a month. it is starting to fade. so do i look better tan? compare that arm hehe...

above two photos taken by anna-rina during our recent redang trip.


blurred esh said...

tanned it up, sista'!

how you've been? :)

chaiyen said...

hehhe... at least my effort is not put to waste.

im good. i had not seen you for a while yah. you go to saturday service? im there at 3rd service, as late as i can get :)

blurred esh said...

of cuz..! my tan (or rather 2nd degree sunburnt) from KK is still visible till today.. and that 2 years ago punya cerita..

i'm in 1st service.. my sundays are for the KidZ =) so great to see you again last saturday! looking great.. but maybe time for another tanning session.. ;)

chaiyen said...

2 years ago and still visible... jealous nya.