Thursday, August 28, 2008

spring cleaning cont'

this spring cleaning thing is not funny. im on the roll. the night before i was going through my boxes of letters and cards, sorting that out alone kept me awake till 4am. i seriously am not going to start so late anymore. guess what i found out:

1. ANNA RINA - we were seriously hardworking, we actually wrote in an average of two letters each month. this is one of her many letters, totally meaningless conversations but it lights up our days.
(click to read)
yat yat hei yam cha = 'go mamak everyday', loves writing and reading in cantonese. just the fun of cracking what she meant and the tickle while reading it
kwok fu seng = aaron kwok, embarrassingly but true we were fans then. he has baby face and good body. plus he can sing and dance.
u-wei = yew wei was someone i have a crush on which ended up as my best friend then boyfriend in the next letter. one whose wedding, i went quite a distance to attend this year.
cheng kai = was my player ex boyfriend, opps name revealed. if anyone knows him, pls tell him im looking for him.

hope she doesnt kill me for blogging this. i guess you should be able to roughly figure out what i wrote to her in my letter before hers :)

2. CELIA TIEW - we were quite busy, but still enough to pile up some letters. even more random matters but i guess the topic is consistent, boys.
(click to read)
chan hiu dong = im not his fan but i guess then those were the celebrity we talk about
shin yee = also known as steph. yes we were gossiping about her hahaha.
hello kitty = if you remember the craze then. these are little details that makes you feel like you are almost there when life was so carefree and simple.

3. ELAINE HO - she sent the most letters to me, so much so i dedicated a box for them. not only letters, she send me sea shells, books, photostat materials, newspaper cuttings and things you can never imagine come in an envelope. she is really faithful in doing so, seriously i no longer remember how to write. maybe, there are no guys and ppl to gossip about. she also wrote me about some guys but im almost sure she will kill me for publishing it here hahahahhah.... did i say some, opps.

a result of reading some of those letters, i realised we only remember the happy moments in life.

soon the pain we will remember no more,
our anger will fade away,
the busyness cannot be felt.

what is left are beautiful sweet memories,
so why not make more of them.

p.s. was suppose to organise my photos next but i guess not tonight if not i will be sleeping at some weird ungodly hours again.


Anonymous said...

Muahahaa... i saw my name in the letter. First of all, i don't recall i wrote any letter to Ming Jie. Secondly, i can't even remember telling her that i broke up. That was a good one.. thanks for sharing ;)

chaiyen said...

yahh... i didnt believe u wrote either :)