Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the price of my medical fee

not that i am more hard working nowadays but i had been doing more and more lifestyle magazines, which requires me to path out like hundreds over products ranging from perfumes, heels, dresses, models and the list goes on. that resulted with what they call a mouse elbow. basically my whole right hand could not move and it hurts when i try to even click the mouse. inflammation on my elbow onwards.

that is the end of my career.

so i decided to rest as adviced. thankfully, i dont have much work this week so im declaring a week off because im freaking out and not ready to lose my right hand.

so i started thinking what alternative i have. instead of seeing a doctor, i got myself this. not the best in the market but i guessed enough for a beginner. yessss white to match my macbook. vanity :)

here is my first piece. of course so much more can be done, in fact most ppl can do this with their mouse but somehow i cant cordinate my right hand to do this kind of simple things.

just in case you wonder how this help since my hand is still injured. im a left handed, so i can now utilise my left hand. dont ask me how come i can use the mouse with my right hand. i cant remember how i started off with that. but basically now i can spread the work between the two hands. 'bamboo' on my left and 'apple' on my right. take your time to recover while i practice using my bamboo pen.

most satisfied medical fee i ever paid. happy.


deJelly said...

A wacom at last huh?
sounds like fun X )

Should have gotten one earlier...
take care of your hand k..
sounds scary.. don't let it get worse..

chaiyen said...

ya, wanted to get one all this while. but i guessed now is a good excuse for it. thank you.