Sunday, April 13, 2008

pretty things in life

sinage that i work out with my designer

pre weddings photos display
photos i took time and sweat to art direct and choose. photos that i cut and fit into these heavy-weird sizes ikea frames the very mid night before the wedding. putting it all together sounds like one of the longest progress.

photos cards
DISCLAIMER: i did not art direct this set of photos. if im free i will upload the set i art directed. but i thought this cards are quite interesting.


napkin deco
napkins deco that i designed. all 800 pieces of it put together by my family, bride's friends and hotel staff. we never thought it will come to an end.

wedding flavours - lolli

wedding flavours - cupcakes
im afraid i will not plan another wedding so i kiasu-ly have 2 weddings favours for alternate tables. on the cupcakes are customised names of the bride and groom.

vip table and stage
i got the VIP table light from ikea too. want to guess how many trips i make to ikea :) you better like the mini gazebo on the stage too. that cost a bomb.

VIP table setting

stage lights
yah i would like to think my lights made a difference on the above two photos.

head band
not to forget the little girl. that's pretty lovely.

i created or art directed all the above items but it is put together by the efforts of many. a bit long overdue. but need to post this up to show my hard work. these are just some pretty things from the first official wedding planning job of mine. if you like what i do, you can start paying me for it too hehehe


deJelly said...

oo cup cake's cute!
= )

soolin said...

very very pretty!!i will keep u as wedding planner in mind when and if i finally get married,seeing how my sis struggled with hers,i wouldnt want to go thru the same thing. =)

chaiyen said...

:) cute...

sure thing soo lin, when we get married hehe it will come. it will.

Anonymous said...

chai yen... u r such a good wedding planner.. it is soooo pretty!! is my favourite color too.. hahaa

chaiyen said...

hehe many girls favourite colour. provided your man dont mind that :)

Anonymous said...

WAHHHH not bad, not bad at all! impressed! but u really wanna do this again meh, even if pp paid u?? wahaha

chaiyen said...

at first i didnt want to do it too. but now that im done. im kinda enjoy it. so i just might do it again

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so SWEEEET!!!
Pls be my wedding planner!!! hahahhaa.... ;)


chaiyen said...

hehehe :)