Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dreams and miracles

the long journey back i was just thinking through some of those impossible thing that i had ever dreamt of doing in my life.

1. to live in a glass house, better still by the beach and i promise you i have no problem living in it.

2. to own a beautiful paper shop like 'prints'

3. to plan a dream city where everything inside are what we always dream about. from school, supermarket to homes of our dream. very much inspired by my lego world

4. to own a studio apartment

5. to be holding the hand of someone i love lost somewhere around the world having a romantic getaway

impossible as it may sounds like but who knows going to japan was an impossible, planning a wedding was an impossible and this is impossible...

we are living in a world filled with miracles. (im touched by her life and songs)

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