Friday, April 11, 2008


change gives us freshness and hope in our stagnant life.
change can be our enemy when everything is going well for us.

"change" seems to be possible to fixed our mess up life.
but many consider it a threat when others want to "change" us

well if it is possible i want some change
but who can promise us that change will really fix things.

even if someone can promise us that.
the sad part is change is much easier say then done.

as much as we want to change things, it doesnt necessary happen
yet the ironic thing in life is: the very thing you want change changes not, and the very thing you dont want to change changes.

there are many ppl you can impress through your walk of life. but sadly, those you try very hard to impress they never seem to notice. mostly those closes to you, those who know you had not try hard enough, those who knows what you could be. those who knows you too well, those who has sometimes have way too much expectations on you.

the question: what do you want to change about the person you are so in love with now?
my answer: if there is one thing, the one thing would be i want to change to love another person. because so often it is painful to be in love with someone that dont seems to have it all right. it is painful because you cannot find enough ground to love this person, yet you still love.

it is said ppl in love or that are loved has more motivation to change, maybe it is true because we who are alone might need more motivation to continue living another day in this lonely and couldnt-care-less-about-you world than anything. who bothers you had changed anyway.

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