Tuesday, April 22, 2008

over the weekend

good food with a few friends.

im not suppose to take photos here, so this is the only one i got. one of the most memorable thing is probably the cute model look alike waiter... or is it the breast feeding mother hmm..

green tea cake, sun and moon jap's cafe at wheelock place

tofu cheese cake, sun and moon jap's cafe. the most expensive smallest piece of cake but it is really worth it. nicely done

not to forget a drink at clarke quay at my favourite spot

breakfast before i go, yummy. you can contact her if you are interested to make any orders

p.s. not in the photo pepper's lunch pepper beef with extra cheese and kembangan prawn noodles. yummy.

things you do over the weekend. small talk, meaningful time. refreshing.

"i am who i am. i am not who i-am-not. that makes me 'me'. to be frequently surrounded by ppl that remind you of who you-are-not reminds you that you are nobody. to be in a place where ppl see you as you are is beautiful because i get to be someone."

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