Thursday, April 27, 2006

new calling

there is something about 2am, it is always life changing.

when i lost all hope of what is my purpose.
when i feel that i have no one to love anymore.
when i feel that there is no more calling worth living.

i suddenly have my calling redefine.

few days ago i didn't know this is where i am heading.
few days ago i couldn't put to word what God is calling me to do.
few days ago i didn't know why i am starting a blog.

i had heard the cry of authenticity but nobody is going to show it. this is my experiment, i will start blogging the most transparent* christian life. in favour as well to me wanting to remove the mask that i had been hiding behind. the fact is i believe in God. it doesn't mean i condone everything i am about to share but he is still God not because i am a good believer. i want to see how this will change my life.

watch out for the next blog you will be reading.

*transparency is everything that does not intrude the privacy of another. therefore there will still be limitation in my sharing.
**you are free to give your comments or even disagree with my views. you might change my views as many had in my life. in fact if you don't change mine. i am changing yours.


Anonymous said...

You are a lady of great influences with your creativity and talents. God has a great plan and purpose for you. Ask Him... He said that before. ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you pastor. i had not heard that for very long.