Friday, October 17, 2008

oh God, i love fridays

i cant tell you how much i love fridays nowadays. the rest of the days in the week are just like a warzone, fighting with deadlines ahead both work and class submission. miraculously i am pulling through beyond average in class, in fact close to doing well. im happy.  

amid all that, i had been partying, picking up tennis with my friend's nintendo wii (hehe) and even made time for dvds. i am totally glad it is friday today, because for one evening in a week at least, i can sit down and do all those things above and not worry about tomorrow. clients are off for the weekend - they will not call or email me. no increase of job bags, only what i already have. i feel as if time freeze for a while to give me back the freedom to do anything i like. 

since im in that topic i will share a dream that bugs me. a very short, nevertheless enough to make me sweat and jump off my bed despite the fact i only slept 5 hours prior to that. i dont remember ever having such experience before. 
'woken up from my sleep because i saw a shadow of someone on my right. he is reclining on my pillow. i can see his face, and i dont seem surprise to see him next to me at all. in my tired voice, i whisper "something keeping you awake?". he couldnt hear clearly i guess, his face leans closer to me. at that very moment my heart starts beating. i freak out... yes his lips touches mine...' 

i freak out that so badly, i woke up immediately. it is almost like, i need to end the dream right away kinda feeling. nope, not because of the kiss - i had done worst in my dreams - but it is because it is him. scary and freaky.

wokie, im going try to pick up my books where i last left off and have an early night tonight. buai. oh yah one more, murni's boss, jackie is pregnant. super random but i took great measure to find out so i need to spread the news now. 

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deJelly said...

omG she's pregnant!!