Sunday, October 19, 2008

dreaming part2

'it is a different room, a queen size bed this time. i am sleeping once again next to a guy, a different guy. not someone unfamiliar. my room door is left open, does mean i have nothing to hide but when i heard my dad's voice outside... i seem to mind my dad misunderstanding us since we are lying together. he didnt mind a bit, he actually wraps himself closer me. he said, "you really dont have even a little bit of feelings for me anymore?". i didnt answer him, i think that is bad.'

i dream a  lot about relationship recently, i swear i had not been thinking about this matter for a while and i definitely had not been watching grey's or any love drama lately. in both dreams, i was sleeping maybe means that im tired and i was too lazy to move around even in my dream hahaha. two with guys, i can recognise... shit, i hope it doesnt mean he is just around the corner and someone i know. 

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