Friday, May 14, 2010

the man behind THE GAME

Dont ask me why i picked up the book:
The rules of the GAME by Neil Strauss.

It is the follow-up to the No1. Bestseller The Game

I think i need to know how they sweep me off my feet every time, despite me being so cautious each time. im wondering if it is all a lie and magic power that cause them to be able to detach their feelings from it all. i enjoyed reading the The Style Diaries which i get to read inside his thought life. one interesting thought i picked up from his "30 Day Experiment" story is he can actually sincerely or lustfully feel, miss, and want all 3 girls at the same time. contrary to what i think, he actually fall in love (lets use this word loosely here) faster than average ppl. yahh, he is actually capable of missing a girl he never even meet before while having sex with another. he actually have the thought of marrying a girl he meets after a few hour though they never even have sex at all. so in a way he is not some sort of superhero that can detach his feelings.

it is interesting he didnt compile all his success stories in this book, but his very humbling and i would say more human side... dare i say these are the more memorable stories of his. but i think the most unexpected thing about this book is the postface. i dont understand why he wants to end the book this way but maybe he is not such a terrible guy after all. [there i go, i think of them better than they are]

"So why did your last relationships fail"
"I guess they failed because the women developed certain behaviors that made me doubt the success of a forever-type of relationship with them."
"And i suppose you didnt have anything to do with the development of these behaviors?
"Of course i did. it always takes two."
"And now you've decided to be alone and miserable forever?"
"i just tried so hard to make these relationships work."
"How exactly did you try?"
"i was honest. i was faithful. i cut off all the other women i was seeing. i didnt tell lies or carry on secret flirtations or sneak around behind their backs."
[sounds familiar, to their credit i believe every player has tried this at least once or twice though that actually should be the prerequisite for every relationship]
"And that's how you make a relationship succeed? By not having an affairs with other women? That's like saying you learn to swim by getting in the water. It's a given... Did you ever stop to consider that you never really tried?... You worked really hard to learn the game. You read every book there was, traveled around the world, met all the experts, and spent years making countless approaches to perfect the craft."
"I think i see what you're getting at... That maybe i need to learn how to have a relationship in the same way i learned the game."
"Ultimately, you're going to have to make a choice at some point in your life. And that choice to decide: Do you want to find a woman to spend your life with and make a family together? Or do you want to keep giving in to your impulses and continuing to have sex adventures and relationships of varying length until you can't anymore?"

Something he left the readers with. interesting isnt it.

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