Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the art of befriending your ex boyfriend

since a lot of ppl are always amaze how i can still be so close to my exes. let me share how i master the art of befriending my ex bfs.

1. if you don't find yourself secretly cursing him, that is a good start. if you sincerely still want to see him successful n marry that perfect woman and have that happy family regardless you are in the picture or not, then we can do this. to remember this person is first your best friend before becoming your boyfriend.
2. to recognise that it is nobody's fault that this relationship doesn't work out, that we both tried but it didn't turn out as planned. 
3. let them make use of you :) let them call you when they have an heartache. let them call you for design opinions and design free namecards (my skills). well i guess it works vice versa when your friendship get stronger.
4. to call them out without overthinking it. i mean if you still want to play the game, it is going to be pretty hard. because the game is being very calculative with your steps.
5. to not hope for anything more besides this friendship. to not feel jealous who they are dating now. seriously they can turn out to be the best person to tell you what game the new guy is playing. they can rebuke you freely because things they nevr dare to say straight to your face, they can tell you now without sounding like an expectation. isnt it cool to have someone to prepare you for the next relationship? 

so I don't see why we should cut off these past relationships. they had been and will be my best friends. friendship without expectations. a bliss. 

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